This is a Raider based build focusing on converting the physical damage of the Skill Tornado Shot to elemental. Archers are very popular among players and this one is not different. Its very easy and cheap leveling process makes it a great choice for a beginner to start on a new League.


  • Cheap

  • Easy to play

  • Good Clear Speed

  • Safe Ranged Attacks

  • Awesome Single Target Damage

  • League Starter


  • Evasion Dependable

  • Vulnerable to Physical Damage

  • Movement Skill has Cooldown

  • Somewhat expensive to get full elemental conversion

- I recommend a Belly of the Beast, it provides up to 40% increased maximum life and 15% to all elemental resistances.  
- Another good alternative is Queen of the Forest, it grants up to 2163 evasion, 70 life, elemental resistances and more movement speed.
- ​You can also use a rare body armour with life, elemental resistances and evasion. Examples here.
  • BOW
- I recommend Lioneye's Glare, it has up to 358 physical DPS, 20% attack speed, and the mod ''hits can't be evaded'', so you don't need to worry with accuracy anymore.
- I highly recommend you to also have a Chin Sol as your secondary weapon (press X on the game to change between weapons) it provide 100% more damage at close range, and we're going to use it on bosses.
- If you have lots of currency you can buy a rare bow with over 500 physical DPS to replace Lioneye's Glare. Examples here.
- ​A rare helmet with life, elemental resistances and evasion. Examples here.
- A good unique helmet is Rat's Nest, it provides 15% attack speed, up to 75% critical chance and 10% movement speed.
- ​Rare gloves with life, elemental resistances and evasion. Examples here.
- I highly recommend Empire's Grasp, because this build has Point Blank and uses Chin Sol for single target damage. These unique gloves provide reversal knockback direction, so you are going to pull bosses closer to you for massive damage.
- ​Rare boots with movement speed, life, elemental resistances and evasion. Examples here.
-  You can also use Atziri's Steps that provides high amount of evasion, life, movement speed and chance to block spells. 
- ​Rare quiver with life, critical chance, critical multiplier and if possible some resistances. Examples here.
- I recommend Signal Fire, that combined with Physical to Ligthning grants 100% elemental damage for your Tornado Shot. It is somewhat expensive but not mandatory.
  • BELT
- ​A rare belt with life, elemental resistances and elemental damage with attacks. Examples here.
  • RING #1
- ​A rare ring with life, elemental resistances and elemental damage with attacks. Examples here
  • RING #2
- ​A rare ring with life, elemental resistances and elemental damage with attacks. Examples here.
- A rare amulet with life, elemental resistances and elemental damage with attacks. Examples here.
- ​2 Divine Life Flasks. Look for mods like ''instant recovery'', ''removes bleeding'' and ''removes freeze''. Examples here and here.
- 1 Stibnite Flask for evasion boost and blind source for your enemies. Examples here.
- 1 Diamond Flask for more critical chance. Examples here.
- The good old Atziri's Promise for a big boost to your damage and life leech. 
- If you have a good amount of currency you can also use Vessel of Vinktar and Dying Sun for more damage
  • BOW
Tornado Shot
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Greater Multiple Projectiles
Physical to Lightning
Added Fire Damage (If 5 Linked Sockets)
Elemental Focus (If 6 Linked Sockets)
Cast when Damage Taken (level 9)
Increased Duration
Vaal Haste
Conductivity (level 12)
Summon Ice Golem
Blink Arrow
Arctic Armour
Cast When Damage Taken (level 1)
Immortal Call (level 3)
Vaal Grace
Increased Duration
Slower Projectiles
Elemental Damage With Attacks
Added Lightning Damage
Faster Attacks (level 6)
Elemental Focus (level 5)


CLASS: Ranger



MAIN SKILL TYPE: Projectile Attack

COST: $$$$$





  • Is there a good place to buy unique items?
- Not only for unique items, poe.trade or pathofexile.com/trade are great websites for trading your items.
  • I'm lvl 40 and I'm dying a lot, what can I do?
- Please take a look at your Elemental Resistances, they are really important for your survivability. After lvl 40 try to keep at least 50% of each. The meximum is 75%, try to reach that when on end game.
  • I don't have as much HP as the gameplay shows and I've followed the Skill Tree step by step. Can you help me?
- Look for more HP at your rare gear. You can have ''+89 to maximum life'' on your helmet for instance.
  • You say the build is cheap, but there are some expensive recommended items there. How?
- Those items are only recommended and not mandatory. Maximize a build with the best possible items and 6 Linkeds takes a good amount of currency. Start using 4 Linkeds on low tier maps in order to farm currency to upgrade your gear.
  • All my mana is reserved, what can I do?
- The Essence Worm ring is listed as mandatory for this build. Auras socketed on this ring do not reserve any mana, place your Hatred there. 
  • Why Cast When Damage Taken  at level 1 and Immortal Call at level 3?
- Cast When Damage Taken can only support spell gems that have the same required level or lower.  At level 1 the required level of Cast When Damage Taken is 38, the same as Immortal Call at level 3. 
  • Cast When Damage Taken cannot trigger Vaal skills, why do you put them on the same setup?
- Vaal Haste and Vaal Grace are not there to be triggered by Cast When Damage Taken, but to be supported by Increased Duration. 
  • The DPS of barrage is lower than Tornado Shot's. Why?
- The tootip DPS of Barrage only shows the DPS of 1 arrow. All arrows shot by Barrage can hit the target, so the effective DPS is way higher.
  • How do you generate Frenzy charges?
- The ascendancy Raider has a passive called Way of the Poacher that grants 20% chance to get a Frenzy charge on kill and 20% chance to get a Frenzy charge when hit a rare or unique enemy.
  • Why Immortal Call if you don't generate Endurance charges?
- Endurance charges are not mandatory for Immortal Call to work, they just make it last longer.
  • Why does my Grand Spectrum have only 4% increased elemental damage?
- This is an old version of the item and can only be found on Standard League, look for the 12% one.
  • How can 3 Grand Spectrum jewels with 12% each generate a total of 108% increased Elemental Damage?
- It's 12% per each one you own, so if you have 3 every single one gives 36%. 3x36=108% quick maths....
  • How can I alternate between my 2 equipped bows?
- Pressing X on your keyboard.