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Which is the best class in poe builds?

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

The best Path of Exile class depends on how you like to play. The Reason for this previous statement is that Path of Exile is an RPG with infinite options on how to build your character, in addition to having several classes.

The most important point is: how would you like to play? Six classes are available from the start of the game and you can unlock another one as the campaign progresses.

As traditional in RPG games, attributes are relevant points within the game, and classes are interconnected to this: strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

The Strength attribute means you can deal more meele physical damage to enemies and your character will have more health, making it harder to die. With the dexterity attribute, you will have greater accuracy, and evasion, managing to survive dodging attacks. Finally, with the intelligence you will be able to use energy shields, protecting the character usually with fewer life points and you will also have more mana.

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What are the path of exile classes that exist?

As said before, there are six classes, Duelist, Templar, Shadow, Witch, Marauder, Ranger, and Scion and each of them has a strength and also a weakness. They also have different specialties that can be optimized according to your decisions.

But always remember that in Path of Exile you can play however you want, it's a very free RPG.

Duelist is the class that specializes in swords and axes. He seeks to avoid taking damage and hitting hard, due to the two attributes associated with class, dexterity, and strength and you can choose between raw damage skills or attack speed.

Templar is a class focused on using totems to deal with enemies or even solve everything with magic.

You can maximize this class with strength and intelligence attributes, strength when you want to use a staff, and intelligence to cast your spells, with this, it is possible to invest in skills that make you with greater physical defense or even in spells to increase your damage.

Shadow is the class that can use magic or daggers and claws weapons to destroy its enemies and for that it is necessary to pay attention to dexterity and intelligence, to maximize its attack effectiveness with weapons and be able to use magic.

For this, you can choose attack speed skills for your daggers and claws or chaos spells to defeat everyone in your way.

The Witch class uses scepters and wands to dethrone their enemies, based only on the intelligence attribute, as these weapons serve to channel their magic. With that in mind, it becomes interesting to choose skills with high magic damage and skills to summon minions and increase their damage.

Marauder is the class for those who like to survive multiple attacks and deal a lot of damage with maces, and for that, you will need to pay close attention to your strength attribute. To improve your Marauder, you will need to pay attention to melee skills, especially two-handed ones, in addition to defensive skills.

Ranger is the group's archer. With this class you will be able to destroy your enemies from a distance, using bows and investing in dexterity, to gain greater attack speed, dodge, and survive all enemies. With this, it becomes very interesting to choose skills focused on these skills mentioned above.

Finally, the only class not available from the start of the game is the Scion. This class does not have the main attribute, the three attributes, strength, dexterity, and intelligence being identical.

With that, this class becomes free, being able to leave the choice to the player. It has no defects, but it also has no positives, it is a uniform class.

So if you decide to use the Duelist class, you will have to pay attention to strength and dexterity, the Marauder class uses strength, Ranger with dexterity, Shadow dexterity and intelligence, Templar intelligence and strength, Witch intelligence, and Scion use three attributes, dexterity, intelligence, and strength.

However, in addition to the attributes and characteristics of each class, there are other important factors to consider, Passive Skill Tree, Ascendancy, and builds.

What is the Passive Skill Tree?

In addition to the strength, dexterity, and intelligence attributes, another important point to build your character is the passive skill tree, which offers you bonuses while playing.

Your class, in addition to your basic attributes, determines where you will start in the gigantic passive skill tree, taking into account the main attribute of the class you chose, if your class uses strength, your tree will start from the side of strength, dexterity and intelligence skills follow the same logic for each side of your tree.

The only exception is the Scion class, which making it easy to reach any side you want or even stay broad and pick up a few skills from each.

You can choose a new skill every time you pass a level. Once you overcome a level within Path of Exile you can choose a new node within your tree, being able to choose which direction you want to take.

It's never too late to remember, Path of Exile is an extremely free game, it doesn't hold you on a specific path. You can completely alter your path within the Passive Skill Tree to enter another part.

For example, you can start with a class with a strength attribute and walk through the skill tree to an entirely different area, and select intelligence skills.

So your Marauder can select skills from intelligence characters, the only problem is that it will take longer and you will need to spend more points than a character who already starts on the intelligence side would spend.

Thus, advancing the skills of a specific class and adding to the characteristics that match allows your character to be stronger.

What is Ascendancy?

In addition to being necessary to select skills in the passive tree, you can choose an Ancestry for your class. Ascendancies are enhancements to your class and class specialties.

Each class has its range of Ascendancies and they provide improvements to your gameplay, such as improving your physical damage, magic damage, stronger minions, and resistance when taking damage.

To unlock and choose any of the ascendancies, you need to gain access to The Labyrinth, after act three, a dungeon that once you overcome unlocks the ability to upgrade your class and choose a specialty. Each class has three Ascendancy options to improve your game, the only different class is the Scion, as it has only 1 ascendancy, called Ascendant.

So if you're playing Marauder, you can choose Juggernaut, Berserker, and Chieftain ascendancy. From Templar, you are between Inquisitor, Guardian, and Hierophant. As for the Witch class, you can choose Elementalist, Occultist, and Necromancer.

As the Duelist class, you can use Champion, Slayer, or Gladiator ascendancy. Using the Shadow class it is possible to select Saboteur, Trickster, or Assassin. Finally, among the classes with three ascendancy options, the Ranger class features the choices of Pathfinder, Deadeye, or Raider.

Current season?

Path of Exile uses the season's engine to regulate the content of the game, whether to improve an item, a class, or a set of both or to decrease their potency, bring new game mechanics, and event quests, and update and fix any issues.

Since its launch, in 2013, the game has been alive, with a lot of evolution and a big reason for this is the thirty-eight expansion packs.

The current league is the 38th, called the Lake of Kalandra. It was released on August 19th and ends on December 6th. It brought a lot of new content, in addition to the traditional challenge league that all expansions carry.

Path of Exile players can look forward to new Atlas Memory Master quests, overhauls to the Archnemesis, Harvest, and Beyond/Scourge league mechanics, and more.

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What are the best builds of the current season?

As new leagues bring new mechanics, updates to old items and skills, and new challenges, character builds taking into account all of the above changes.

To start your game very well, you can invest in a well-used build. The Templar Inquisitor Build known as "Storm Brand", is an excellent build to invest in at the beginning of this league, because it is easy to build, low cost, and with it, you can go quite far.

However, it has some negative points and perhaps the main one is the lack of Boss Damage on the very late game.

Although, with it well-structured you can do a lot of damage as well as have a strong defense, being a very balanced Build.

Another very important point, especially for beginner players, it is not necessary to learn several keybinds to make this build work, unlike Minion Builds, for instance.

Another very interesting build, but considered with a slightly higher difficulty, is the Chaos DoT Occultist. The Occultist is an Ascendancy of the Witch, it's cheap, and doesn't require very expensive and specific items, but it manages to deal a fairly large amount of damage in the endgame.

She does most of her damage by Chaos-type magic damage using skills called Bane and Essence Drain, as the build has a very large relationship with the character's health.

It's a very balanced build, a little more complex to play as it will be necessary to use more keybinds than the previous build and you have to always be aware of your life.

However, the build has great resistance to effects and is great for dealing damage in an area. A very relevant point for the construction of this build is the progressive cost to improve the way you would like, so it will be necessary to organize well to avoid problems.

Remember, playing Path of Exile is all about your enjoyment of playing the class that identifies with your personality and playing style the most, so make that count!

What is the best place to see more Path of Exile build guides?

If you want to have Fun and be sure to be Building your character in a very effective way, you can find those and more Easy-to-Follow Builds visiting the Path of Exile Builds Youtube Channel.

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Frequent Asked Questions about the best class in poe builds

How long is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile launched in 2013, is available for free for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.

Does your class matter in Path of Exile?

It depends. Your class is very important for a build, a character construction to maximize the potential of that build because you can access the necessary skills more easily and faster, in addition to the ascendancy. However, you can play and build quite strong using your imagination and playing with the passive skill tree.

Can you change class in Path of Exile?

No, you cannot change your class after starting the game with a class. You can only choose ascendancy and your skills in the Passive Skill Tree. To play another class, you need to start a new game from scratch.

Is Ranger a good class Poe? And the Shadow?

All classes have great builds and ways to have fun playing with them. You can and should play with the ones that come closest to what you prefer. The most important thing is to have fun playing Path of Exile.

How do I get the Scion class?

To unlock Scion you have to find her in the Upper Sceptre of God in Act 3 and free her from the cage.

When did the current season start and end?

The Lake of Kalandra season started on August 19, 2022, and ends on December 6, 2022.

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