Which is the best class in poe builds?

Updated: Nov 13


The best Path of Exile class depends on how you like to play. The Reason for this previous statement is that Path of Exile is an RPG with infinite options on how to build your character, in addition to having several classes.

The most important point is: how would you like to play? Six classes are available from the start of the game and you can unlock another one as the campaign progresses.

As traditional in RPG games, attributes are relevant points within the game, and classes are interconnected to this: strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

The Strength attribute means you can deal more meele physical damage to enemies and your character will have more health, making it harder to die. With the dexterity attribute, you will have greater accuracy, and evasion, managing to survive dodging attacks. Finally, with the intelligence you will be able to use energy shields, protecting the character usually with fewer life points and you will also have more mana.

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What are the path of exile classes that exist?

As said before, there are six classes, Duelist, Templar, Shadow, Witch, Marauder, Ranger, and Scion and each of them has a strength and also a weakness. They also have different specialties that can be optimized according to your decisions.

But always remember that in Path of Exile you can play however you want, it's a very free RPG.

Duelist is the class that specializes in swords and axes. He seeks to avoid taking damage and hitting hard, due to the two attributes associated with class, dexterity, and strength and you can choose between raw damage skills or attack speed.

Templar is a class focused on using totems to deal with enemies or even solve everything with magic.

You can maximize this class with strength and intelligence attributes, strength when you want to use a staff, and intelligence to cast your spells, with this, it is possible to invest in skills that make you with greater physical defense or even in spells to increase your damage.

Shadow is the class that can use magic or daggers and claws weapons to destroy its enemies and for that it is necessary to pay attention to dexterity and intelligence, to maximize its attack effectiveness with weapons and be able to use magic.