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Path of Exile Trading Guide: How to Trade Items and Use Poe Trade

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Path of Exile features a very important tool called Poe Trade. Perhaps one of the most relevant tools in the game. You can get rid of some items that are not part of your build or exchange necessary items at any time with other players.

On PoE, this trading tool is extremely interesting, both for new players who are looking to improve their builds and for anyone who wants to get the last missing item to complete their coveted build. But it is also a very welcoming tool that makes life easier for those who don't have much time to farm.

Unless you’re playing in a solo-self-found league, trading with other players is one of the best ways to gear up your character in Path of Exile.

However, the exchange process is quite complicated, you need to be careful not to be tricked, especially because there is no in-game tutorial. Thankfully, it's fairly simple once you know where to look. This guide about Poe Trade will walk you through buying and selling items in Path Of Exile step by step.

What is the Path of Exile Trade?

Trade in Path of Exile is the act of exchanging items between characters within the game, this act usually happens between two people and there are some ways to accomplish this, either with internal tools in the game, or external tools, such as external websites and item trading forums, such as the Path of Exile website itself, PoE Trade (at this link:, among other extremely useful tools.

Trading between players is a very interesting and relevant part of PoE, mainly because it is most responsible for finalizing your builds. Unlike many other games, there is no auction house or a single monetary system like gold, coins, or any other money format inside the game. Path of Exile features various in-game currency items that all characters use, such as scrolls and orbs.

Finally, with the demand for some specific items due to the need to complete that desired build and along with the great difficulty of dropping items, the in-game exchange system has become an essential tool. On the other hand Path of Exile is a flexible game with a ton of features. Players do not necessarily need trading to beat the game. There is a solo self-found game mode, where trading items with other players is disabled.

How does the Path of Exile Trade Work?

You can trade on PoE in a few ways. It doesn’t matter if you play alone or with friends, the trading tools on Path of Exile will be very useful.

To be a trader, you always have to keep an eye on the in-game chats. There are some of them like global, news, and trader. The most common (and recommended to maintain a certain order within the servers) is for you to use only the Trade chat to look for proposals that interest you or even try to sell your own items.

But always keep in mind that some items have higher values than others, depending on the Meta PoE builds, what is in use, and what is being considered strong.

When you exchange items that you are no longer interested in and that you found on your own you end up helping other players, not just you.

Also, focusing on trades could be a fun way to play the game. Many players like to buy six-linked items or fuse orbs to sell to other players for a sweet profit. Other players buy many rare items, suitable for the Meta Builds of the moment because they know the demand will be higher. Some build guides on official forums require using one or several specific items.

Again, players do not need to be involved in trading, but it is just a popular game feature, you can have fun with.

Where do you trade in Poe?

There are some limitations that you need to overcome before trading with other players. For you to be able to exchange an item you need that character to reach level 25.

When you need to trade with another character, you need to follow some very simple steps, like right-clicking on the character you want to trade and selecting the "trade" option. However, if the character you are going to exchange is in the same game group as you, it is a little easier. For this situation, you just have to locate the character's portrait in the upper left corner of the screen and right-click on it and again select the "trade" option, it's quite simple.

You won't find an auction house in the game itself, the most you'll get is a chat channel called "Trade". Unfortunately, the channel is an endless mess, full of people offering and fetching items. That's why players recommend using the game's official website to manage the items they want to trade.

The most simple way to trade with other players is to access the Trade Website and filter for the item you need. The results will appear showing the item with the most competitive prices first. After finding the item you need, you’ll automatically send an In-game Private message to the owner, so you can arrange the Trade.

How do I sell on Poe trade?

To sell any of your items you need to fulfill the obligation mentioned above, to reach level 25 before being able to trade between players. Also, you need to keep an eye on the current PoE currency. All items have specific values and you need to put a price tag on yours according to them. Otherwise, you will have a hard time finding an interested buyer.

You'll need to make your sales through your stash tabs, the place you keep the items you find. But if you acquire a premium tab, offering your items becomes easier. To trade using the premium tab you need to click on the menu tab itself with the right mouse button and check the option "public", then palace your item inside that Stash Tab and Right Click it to set the Price.

If you don’t have a Premium Stash Tab, trading items becomes much more laborious. For this, you will need to use external sites, from the game itself, such as the trading forums. So, you'll need to create a topic on the forum, get the link to your items on the PoE page, attach it to the topic, and put the prices you want.

How do you check the price in Path Of Exile?

Checking items on Path of Exile is pretty simple. The best way to do that is to access the PoE Ninja website, where you’ll be able to look for any item, including currencies, to check the average price players are trading in the current economy. This way you’ll be avoiding scammers and price fixers.

On the other hand, if you want to check the price of Rare Items, the best way is to visit the Trade Website and filter for items that have similar mods as the one you are trying to sell. As a result, you will have a list of prices suitable for your item.

Can I trade real money for PoE Currency?

Yes, it is totally possible to exchange real money for PoE coins. By the way, this exchange can be carried out in several ways! Check out:

  1. Buying directly from the developer company: Grinding Gear Games created an online store precisely to carry out this purchase process. Players will be able to access the store's website and make payments through credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, etc.

  2. Exchange system: it is possible to carry out this exchange with Path of Exile players themselves. You can find those interested in online forums, or in a thematic group that talks about the game.

  3. Third-Party Market: If you don't like the options above, you can also try this exchange on other online markets. PlayerAuctions, PlayerUp, and Odealo are some examples of secure marketplaces that allow the purchase of PoE coins.

Important tip: do not trust any online marketplace to purchase Poe currency, as the risk of falling into a fraudulent scam is too high!

Therefore, always do very comprehensive research before buying, that is, analyze the comments related to the market and check the opinions of other players.

What is the PoE Currency used for?

PoE trade currency is your way to get rich in-game. It is a kind of virtual money that is used to carry out the PoE item Trade and the purchase of other services, that is, the more coins you have, the better your chance of achieving everything you want.

As we mentioned earlier, this type of currency can be used in several situations. For example, you can use it to buy:

  • Skill gems

  • Powerful weapons and other types of equipment

  • Magic Potions of Healing

  • Changing an item

  • Unique items (like the Awakened PoE Trade for example)

In addition, you can use the coins to reset the level of gems, if you want. And of course, we cannot forget that these coins are essential in participating in special events and competitions.

Well, to summarize, it can be said that PoE coins represent a very valuable resource in the game, that is, it is better to go after it as soon as possible.

What is the PoE Trade League?

Path of Exile Trade is a specific league for trading valuable items. Through this league, you can communicate with other players to do special trading for an item.

It is important to note that this league is completely optional, that is, you can activate or deactivate it whenever you want. By the way, if the league was mandatory, it wouldn't make much sense, as it was created only with the aim of helping players with PoE trading.

The PoE trader works as follows: as soon as the player activates the league, a special area called “Market Follower” appears. In this area, players will be able to make their own offers and purchase other items.

In addition, players will also be able to meet on the Poe trade site to conduct trades.

Can I use a PoE Trade Macro to automate trading?

This type of system was not authorized by the game's developers. In fact, Grinding Gear Games makes a point of detecting users of this system to punish them, as they consider this practice to be “theft”.

PoE Trade Macro is a type of software that allows the automation of all Path of Exile trades. Through this system, you would be more successful in your negotiations, as the system would allow you to find everything faster and more efficiently, that is, it is a kind of “shortcut”.

The use of PoE Trade Macro is considered a wrong and totally unethical practice by most players, after all, it is not fair that some have access to benefits in the exchange system and others do not.

How do you buy from other players in Path Of Exile?

The game does not have a specific place where people go to exchange, so people use the Trade Website instead, which contains filters to make your life easier.

Using this external tool, you can use specific filters for what you need. You can put any attribute you want in the filters, such as "fire resistance", and "movement speed" among others.

Which currencies should you trade with in Path Of Exile?

Poe trade

If you're thinking of in-game Trade to complete your PoE builds you need to keep an eye out for currency items.

As a trading currency, Path of Exile players commonly used Chaos Orbs for all trades. They were the most used exchange currency, the most traditional.

After patch 3.19, Divine Orbs became the main trading currency for trading, taking Exalted Orbs’ place as the “Expensive Currency” of the game, usually costing a few hundred Chaos Orbs. To check the relative values of each trading currency, take a look at PoE Ninja as I mentioned earlier.

Learn more about Poisonous Concoction Poe

What tools can be used to facilitate the exchange in Path of Exile?

Although there are officially no auction houses, a large part of the player base uses shop indexers. These are third-party websites that search the Path of Exile forums and Public stash tab API automatically to maintain a database that players can search to find deals.

Usually, buyout prices are added to the items sold. The most popular shop indexers are:

  • The official Path of Exile trading site is where the site constantly consumes Path of Exile's Public stash tab API, keeping track of all relevant items for sale.

  • The third-party website Poe Ninja is where the data is analyzed and aggregated to approximate exchange rates between currencies and prices of items.

  • The other third-party website called Poe Prices is a simple tool to price check items in the Path of Exile by "copy and paste".

  • Finally, another widely used is Awakened Path of Exile, similar to PoE ninja, but you need to be careful with the rules of use, so try to learn more about it.

How to Avoid Scams and Fraudulent Trades in Path of Exile

If you're a Path of Exile player, you're probably aware of the scams and fraudulent trades that occur in the game. These scams can take many forms, from fake items to hacked accounts. In this article, we'll explore some tips and tricks on how to avoid scams and fraudulent trades in Path of Exile.

What are Scams and Fraudulent Trades in Path of Exile?

Scams and fraudulent trades in Path of Exile involve players deceiving other players to obtain valuable in-game items or currency. These scams can be carried out through various methods, such as offering fake items or using hacked accounts to trade. The scammers will often use persuasive tactics to convince the victim to trade with them, but once the trade is completed, the victim will be left with nothing.

How to Identify Scams and Fraudulent Trades in Path of Exile

Before you can avoid scams and fraudulent trades, you need to know how to identify them. Here are some signs that a trade may be a scam:

1. Too Good to be True

If a trade seems too good to be true, it probably is. Scammers will often offer valuable items or currency at a lower price than they're worth to entice victims into trading with them.

2. Rushed Trades

Scammers will often try to rush trades to prevent victims from taking their time to verify the trade. If someone is rushing you to complete a trade, it's likely a scam.

3. Private Messages

Scammers will often use private messages to initiate trades instead of the public trade chat. This is because they can more easily manipulate the victim in a private conversation.

4. Changing Trade Conditions

If someone changes the trade conditions mid-way through the trade, it's likely a scam. Scammers will often try to switch out the item being traded or ask for additional currency once the trade has already been agreed upon.

Tips to Avoid Scams and Fraudulent Trades in Path of Exile

Now that you know how to identify scams and fraudulent trades, here are some tips to avoid falling victim to them:

1. Use a Trusted Trading Site

There are several trading sites available for Path of Exile that are trusted by the community. These sites offer a secure trading platform that verifies the items being traded to prevent scams.

2. Verify the Item

Before completing a trade, make sure to verify the item being traded. Check the item's stats and rarity to make sure it's legitimate.

3. Take Your Time

Don't rush trades. Take your time to verify the trade and ensure that you're not being scammed.

4. Use Public Trade Chat

Use the public trade chat to initiate trades. This way, you can see other players' reactions and ensure that the trade is legitimate.

5. Beware of Hacked Accounts

If someone is trading items from a hacked account, they're likely a scammer. Always check the account's history and reputation before completing a trade.

How to Use External Trading Websites in Path of Exile

Before we get started, let's briefly introduce external trading websites. These are third-party websites that allow Path of Exile players to list the items they have for sale or trade. Other players can then browse these listings and contact the seller to arrange a trade. External trading websites are often preferred over the in-game trading system because they offer a wider variety of items and more advanced search options.

Step 1: Finding a Trading Website

The first step to using external trading websites in Path of Exile is to find a website to use. There are many different trading websites available, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Some popular options include,, and Once you've chosen a website to use, create an account if necessary and log in.

Step 2: Searching for Items

Now that you're logged in, it's time to start searching for the items you need. Most trading websites have a search bar where you can enter keywords related to the item you're looking for. You can also use filters to narrow down your search based on criteria such as the item type, rarity, and price.

Step 3: Contacting Sellers

Once you've found an item you're interested in, it's time to contact the seller. Most trading websites have a messaging system that allows you to send a message directly to the seller to negotiate the trade. Make sure to be polite and respectful in your message, and be prepared to negotiate on the price or terms of the trade.

Step 4: Completing the Trade

Assuming you and the seller have agreed on the terms of the trade, it's time to complete the transaction. In most cases, this will involve meeting in-game to exchange the items. Make sure to double-check the items being traded and any other details before finalizing the trade to avoid any misunderstandings.

Tips for Using External Trading Websites

  • Be wary of scams. Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous players who try to scam others on trading websites. Make sure to read reviews of sellers before making a trade, and be wary of anyone asking for payment outside of the trading website.

  • Use advanced search options. Most trading websites have advanced search options that allow you to find exactly what you're looking for. Experiment with these options to save time and find the best deals.

  • Keep an eye on prices. Prices for items can vary widely depending on the seller and the demand for the item. Make sure to compare prices from multiple sellers to ensure you're getting a fair deal.

  • Be patient. Finding the perfect item on a trading website can take time, so be prepared to browse listings and negotiate with sellers over several days or even weeks.

  • Consider joining a trading guild. If you're a frequent trader, consider joining a trading guild to network with other players and get access to exclusive deals.

How to Value Items in PoE Trade in Path of Exile?

Before we delve into the specifics of valuing items in PoE Trade, it is important to understand what determines an item's value. Several factors can influence the value of an item, including rarity, item level, sockets, links, and stats. The rarity of an item determines its availability and desirability, while the item level affects the potential range of its stats. Sockets and links determine how many gems can be attached to an item, and the stats determine the effectiveness of those gems.

Step 1: Search for the Item

In PoE Trade, you can search for an item by name, type, or mods. The more specific your search query, the more accurate your results will be. Once you have found the item you are interested in, click on it to view its details.

Step 2: Analyze the Item's Stats

The item's stats can give you a good indication of its value. Look for stats that are in high demand, such as increased damage or life. Also, consider the item's sockets and links. An item with a high number of sockets and links can be more valuable, as it allows for more gem combinations.

Step 3: Check the Price

Once you have analyzed the item's stats, it is time to check the price. PoE Trade allows you to view the prices of similar items sold by other players. Look for items with similar stats and compare their prices to determine the fair market value of the item.

Valuing Unique Items

Unique items are special items that have specific mods and cannot be crafted or modified. Valuing unique items can be more challenging, as their value can be determined by various factors such as their rarity, the demand for the mods, and the item's level. To value unique items, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Research the Item

Before valuing a unique item, research it thoroughly. Check the PoE Wiki to find out more about the item's stats, rarity, and potential uses. This information can help you determine the demand for the item and its rarity.

Step 2: Check the Market

Once you have researched the item, check the market to see if other players are selling it. Look for similar items with the same mods and rarity. Compare the prices to determine the fair market value of the item.

Step 3: Consider Rarity and Demand

If the unique item is particularly rare or in high demand, its value may be higher than other items with similar mods. Consider the item's rarity and demand when valuing it.

Where can you see the best tips about Poe Trade?

To find these trade tips and others to have a simple and fun time playing, visit the Path of Exile Builds YouTube channel.


How long is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile launched in 2013, is available for free for Windows, Mac, Xbox One, and PS4.

What PoE stands for?

PoE is the abbreviation of the name of the game Path of Exile.

How do you send trades Poe?

To trade with another character, you need to follow some very simple steps, like right-clicking on the character you want to trade and selecting the "trade" option. However, if the character you are going to exchange is in the same game group as you, it is a little easier. For this situation, you just have to locate the character's portrait in the upper left corner of the screen and right-click on it and again select the "Trade" option, it's quite simple.

Is awakened Poe trade Bannable?

It is a third-party software, it is not usually bannable. However, be very careful and read about the rules for using Path of Exile and the software itself.

How do you trade in Poe on PS4 and XBOX One?

Today you can easily Trade on Consoles using the Path of Exile Trade Website.

Is shadow good in Path of Exile?

All classes have positive and negative points and so does Shadow. If you are after items to improve your character, you can use PoE trades to get your character as good as possible.

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