Poe Trade: Complete Guide

Path of Exile features a very important tool called Trade. Perhaps one of the most relevant tools in the game. You can get rid of some items that are not part of your build or exchange necessary items at any time with other players.

On PoE this trading tool is extremely interesting, both for new players who are looking to improve their builds and for anyone who wants to get the last missing item to complete their coveted build. But it is also a very welcoming tool that makes life easier for those who don't have much time to farm.

Unless you’re playing in a solo-self-found league, trading with other players is one of the best ways to gear up your character in Path of Exile.

However, the exchange process is quite complicated, you need to be careful not to be tricked, especially because there is no in-game tutorial. Thankfully, it's fairly simple once you know where to look. This guide will walk you through buying and selling items in Path Of Exile step by step.

What is the Path of Exile Trade?

Trade in Path of Exile is the act of exchanging items between characters within the game, this act usually happens between two people and there are some ways to accomplish this, either with internal tools in the game, or external tools, such as external websites and item trading forums, such as the Path of Exile website itself, PoE Trade (at this link:, among other extremely useful tools.

Trading between players is a very interesting and relevant part of PoE, mainly because it is most responsible for finalizing your builds. Unlike many other games there is no auction house or a single monetary system like gold, coins, or any other money format inside the game. Path of Exile features various in-game currency items that all characters use, such as scrolls and orbs.

Finally, with the demand for some specific items due to the need to complete that desired build and along with the great difficulty of dropping items, the in-game exchange system has become an essential tool. On the other hand Path of Exile is a flexible game with a ton of features. Players do not necessarily need trading to beat the game. There is a solo self-found game mode, where trading items with other players is disabled.

How does the Path of Exile Trade Work?

You can trade on PoE in a few ways. It doesn’t matter if you play alone or with friends, the trading tools on Path of Exile will be very useful.

To be a trader, you always have to keep an eye on the in-game chats. There are some of them like global, news, and trader. The most common (and recommended to maintain a certain order within the servers) is for you to use only the Trade chat to look for proposals that interest you or even try to sell your own items.

But always keep in mind that some items have higher values than others, depending on the Meta PoE builds, what is in use, and what is being considered strong.

When you exchange items that you are no longer interested in and that you found on your own you end up helping other players, not just you.

Also, focusing on trades could be a fun way to play the game. Many players like to buy six-linked items or fuse orbs to sell to other players for a sweet profit. Other players buy many rare items, suitable for the Meta Builds of the moment, because they know the demand will be higher . Some build guides on official forums require using one or several specific items.

Again, players do not need to be involved in trading, but it is just a popular game feature, you can have fun with.