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[PoE 3.20] – Arc Totems – Templar Hierophant – Forbidden Sanctum League

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

The Arc Totems Build is one the Best for Beginners; it is Super Cheap and Safe to Play. It is a real Currency Farmer, because it allows you to far high tier Maps with very little investment. This Build is especially good for the Forbidden Sanctum League because you just need to summon your Totems and hide. This way you almost never take a hit and have a really smooth Sanctum Run.

On POE Builds you can find the complete guide About 3.20 Arc Totems Build if you want to make this build.

[PoE 3.20] – Arc Totems – Templar Hierophant – Forbidden Sanctum League


  • 4L Setup – 35 Chaos Orbs [Best for White Maps]

  • 5L Setup - 90 Chaos Orbs [Best for Yellow Maps]

  • 6L Setup – 3 Divine Orbs [Best for Red Maps]

  • Mandatory Uniques:

  • Soul Mantle (2 Chaos Orbs) – It causes socketed gems to be supported by level 20 spell totem.

  • Kikazaru (2 Chaos Orbs) – 60% Reduced Effect of Curses.

  • Self-Flagellation (3 Chaos Orbs) – 20% Increased Damage for Each Curse on You.

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Pros & Cons


  • Cheap.

  • Safe Gameplay.

  • Great Boss Damage.

  • Great Clear Speed.

  • Immunity to Curses.

  • Excellent Starter.

  • Awesome for Beginners.

  • Easy to Build.

  • Easy Leveling.


  • No Evasion.

  • Passive Playstyle.

General Strengths

  • Clear Speed – 9/10 – You place many Totems that cast Arc which is a Spell that Chains through a lot of enemies. This grants a Great Clear Speed.

  • Boss Damage – 9/10 – With all those Totems focusing their Spells on a Single Boss, this Build also has Great Boss Damage.

  • Survivability – 9/10 – Totem Builds are also very Safe because you can summon your Totems and Wait for them to Kill everything before showing your face in front of Danger. It also has a lot of Armour, Life, and a Chance to Block Attacks.

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  • Difficulty –Super Easy 1/5

  • Beginner’s Friendly – Yes

Leveling Skills

  • Level 1 to 12 – Spark.

  • Level 12 to 52 – Arc.

  • Level 52+ - Arc Totems.

You can find a Detailed Leveling guide on this video on our Youtube Channel and more about Path of Exile on our Blog.

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