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Discover the Classes of Path of Exile 2

Welcome to an exploration of the diverse classes awaiting players in Path of Exile 2 (POE2). Grinding Gear Games is diligently crafting this sequel to the acclaimed Path of Exile, promising a wealth of new features and enhancements. With the announcement of POE2 during ExileCon 2019, anticipation has been steadily building among ARPG enthusiasts.

Set to introduce a plethora of changes, including revamped gameplay mechanics and an entirely new skill gem system, Path of Exile 2 holds immense promise for fans of the genre.

Discover the Classes of Path of Exile 2

A New Era of Classes

In Path of Exile 2, players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in twelve distinct base classes, each offering unique playstyles and abilities. These classes are tailored to cater to various attribute combinations, ensuring that every player finds a class that resonates with their preferred style of gameplay.

From wielding axes to mastering elemental spells, the diversity of classes in POE2 ensures that there's something for everyone.

The Class Roster

Let's delve into the roster of classes awaiting players in Path of Exile 2:

  1. Marauder - Strength: Embrace brute strength and wield powerful axes to cleave through your enemies with unmatched ferocity.

  2. Warrior - Strength: Master the art of combat with maces, delivering devastating blows to foes who dare to stand in your path.

  3. Ranger - Dexterity: Hone your marksmanship skills and rain arrows upon your enemies from afar, asserting dominance with precise bow attacks.

  4. Huntress - Dexterity: Take on the role of a skilled spear-wielder, combining agility and finesse to pierce through the hearts of your adversaries.

  5. Witch - Intelligence: Command the forces of darkness and summon minions to do your bidding, unleashing occult spells to vanquish your foes.

  6. Sorceress - Intelligence: Manipulate the elements themselves and unleash devastating elemental spells upon your enemies, harnessing the power of fire, ice, and lightning.

  7. Duelist - Strength/Dexterity: Master the art of swordplay and engage in lightning-fast duels, striking with precision and finesse.

  8. Mercenary - Strength/Dexterity: Equip crossbows and engage in ranged combat, delivering deadly volleys of bolts to eliminate your foes from a distance.

  9. Shadow - Intelligence/Dexterity: Embrace the shadows and strike from the darkness with daggers and traps, exploiting your enemies' weaknesses with cunning precision.

  10. Monk - Intelligence/Dexterity: Unleash the power of unarmed combat and quarterstaves, combining martial arts prowess with mystical abilities to overcome any obstacle.

  11. Templar - Strength/Intelligence: Wield flails with righteous fury and deliver divine justice to those who would oppose you, smiting evil with holy zeal.

  12. Druid - Strength/Intelligence: Embrace the primal forces of nature and shapeshift into formidable beasts, harnessing the raw power of the wilderness to crush your enemies beneath your claws.

Ascendancies and Specializations

Each base class in Path of Exile 2 offers three distinct Ascendancy classes, resulting in a total of 36 unique Ascendancies to choose from. These Ascendancies unlock powerful abilities and further specialize your character, allowing for deeper customization and strategic depth. Additionally, the introduction of a Dual Specialization system enables players to dynamically switch between two passive skill tree setups, enhancing adaptability and versatility in combat.

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With its diverse array of classes and deep customization options, Path of Exile 2 promises to deliver an unparalleled ARPG experience for players around the globe.

Whether you prefer to wield brute strength, master arcane magic, or strike from the shadows, a class and playstyle is waiting for you in the world of POE2. Prepare to embark on an epic journey filled with adventure, danger, and boundless possibilities as you explore the classes of Path of Exile 2.

Frequently Asked Questions about Path of Exile 2 Classes

What classes are available in Path of Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 features twelve diverse base classes, each designed to accommodate different attribute combinations and playstyles.

Can I switch between classes in Path of Exile 2?

No, players cannot switch between classes once chosen. However, the game offers extensive customization options within each class, including Ascendancy choices and passive skill tree specialization.

How do Ascendancy classes work in Path of Exile 2?

In Path of Exile 2, each base class has three Ascendancy classes, providing unique abilities and further specialization for your character. Ascendancy choices allow for deeper customization and strategic depth.

Are classes in Path of Exile 2 balanced for gameplay?

The developers strive to ensure that each class in Path of Exile 2 offers balanced gameplay and viability. While some classes may excel in specific areas, the game aims to provide a diverse and enjoyable experience for all players.

Can I respec my character's class in Path of Exile 2?

No, Path of Exile 2 does not allow for respeccing your character's class. However, players have the flexibility to customize their character's abilities and playstyle through the extensive passive skill tree and Ascendancy choices.

Will there be additional classes added to Path of Exile 2 in future updates?

While the current roster of classes is extensive, the developers may introduce new classes or expansions in future updates to enhance the gameplay experience. Keep an eye out for announcements from Grinding Gear Games regarding any potential class additions.

How do I choose the right class for my playstyle in Path of Exile 2?

Choosing the right class in Path of Exile 2 depends on your preferred playstyle and desired attributes. Consider the strengths and abilities of each class, as well as your personal preferences for combat style and character progression, when making your decision.

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