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Complete Guide to the Explosive Arrow Champion Build in Path of Exile 3.20

On PoE Builds you can find the Complete Guide for 3.20 Explosive Arrow Champion!

Hello, fellow Path of Exile builders! Today we're going to be reviewing a smoking-hot Explosive Arrow Champion with the Duelist class. This build uses the Explosive Arrow skill on ballistas to deliver huge ignites that proliferate on your enemies.

Complete Guide to the Explosive Arrow Champion Build in Path of Exile 3.20

Pros and Cons of the Build

Let's start with the pros of this build. First off, it's incredibly easy to put together. You only need one mandatory unique item and not many other specific rare items. This build is perfect for starting a new league or for those end-league events that are coming up in March. Additionally, the ballista playstyle makes this build very safe to play. You can wait behind while the ballistic turn your enemies into ash.

Now let's move on to the cons. This build uses fire damage over time, which means your boss damage will need a lot of investment to be amazing. However, you can still easily kill map bosses with a low budget. This build is just not recommended for uber boss farming. Additionally, some players might find the totem gameplay to be a little tedious and too easy.

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Budget for the Explosive Arrow Champion Build

For budget, you can get this build going by destroying early endgame maps with only around 55 chaos. To comfortably advance to yellow maps, you'll need to invest around 120 chaos. For easily completing your atlas, we recommend investing around 4 divines, but you can totally do it with less.

Mandatory Unique Item for the Build

For the mandatory unique item, you'll need the Dyadian Dawn belt, which causes your ignites to deal damage much faster, making it great for killing bosses.

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Performance of the Explosive Arrow Champion Build

Now let's talk about the build's performance. For clear speed, this build gets an 8 out of 10. The explosive arrow has a delay before exploding and proliferating your ignites, which might feel a little clunky. However, this clear speed is great for farming red maps. For boss damage, this build also gets an 8 out of 10. Fire damage over time builds need to invest many divine orbs to have a big single target damage. But even on a low budget, this build will be able to farm red map bosses without any issue.

Survivability of the Build

For survivability, this build gets a perfect 10 out of 10. This is because we're talking about a totem build where you just need to summon them and wait behind while they destroy and tank everything for you. You just need to mind your position.

Additionally, this build also counts with high armor, evasion, and spell suppression, resulting in over 100 thousand effective HP.


So there you have it, guys! That's our review of the Explosive Arrow Champion. What do you think about this build?


What class is used in the Explosive Arrow Champion Build?

The build uses the Duelist class.

What is the main skill used in the build?

The build uses the Explosive Arrow skill on ballistas.

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