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Creating the Ultimate Survival Build in Path of Exile

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

Building for survival in Path of Exile (PoE) is essential for tackling the game's toughest challenges. A tanky and durable character can absorb large amounts of damage and stay alive longer, allowing you to progress through the game's content with ease. In this article, we'll discuss how to create a survival-focused build in PoE, including tips on selecting the right skills and passive tree, as well as gear and item choices. We'll also cover some popular PoE builds that are known for their survival capabilities and how to use tools like PoE Trade and Path of Building to optimize your build.

Selecting the Right Class

Creating the Ultimate Survival Build in Path of Exile

When it comes to building a survival-focused character in PoE, the first thing to consider is your choice of class. The Marauder and the Duelist are both great options, as they both have high base life and are able to deal significant damage. Additionally, the Marauder has access to a wide range of strength-based skills, while the Duelist has access to both strength and dexterity-based skills.

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Choosing Skills

When choosing skills, it's important to pick ones that increase your maximum life and provide some form of life regeneration. A popular skill for survival builds is "Leap Slam," which allows you to quickly move around the battlefield and evade dangerous situations. Other skills to consider include "Endurance Charge on Melee Stun," "Enduring Cry," and "Immortal Call." These skills provide increased defense and a chance to avoid damage altogether.

Passive Tree

When it comes to the passive tree, there are a few key areas to focus on. The first is the "Life" section, which provides a boost to your maximum life and life regeneration. The second is the "Defense" section, which provides increased armor, block chance, and spell block. The third is the "Ascendancy" section, which is specific to each class and provides additional defensive bonuses.

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Gear and Item Choices

When it comes to gear, you'll want to prioritize items that provide increased life, resistance, and armor. Uniques like "Belly of the Beast" and "Kaom's Heart" are great options for increasing your maximum life. Additionally, you'll want to focus on getting as much resistance as possible to make your character more resistant to elemental damage.

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Tools for Optimization

To further optimize your build, you can use tools like PoE Trade and Path of Building. PoE Trade allows you to search for specific items and compare prices, while Path of Building allows you to plan and simulate your build to see how it will perform in the game.


In conclusion, building for survival in PoE is all about balancing offense and defense. Choosing the right class, skills, and passive tree, as well as selecting gear and items that provide increased life and resistance, are key to creating a tanky and durable character. Using tools like PoE Trade and Path of Building can also help you optimize your build and make sure it's as effective as possible.

Frequent-Asked Questions About Creating the Ultimate Survival Build

What is a survival build in Path of Exile?

A survival build in Path of Exile is a character build that focuses on maximizing defenses and survivability. It prioritizes staying alive in challenging encounters by having high health, strong resistances, and effective mitigation against damage.

What are some key elements of a survival build?

Key elements of a survival build include high life or energy shield pool, high evasion or armor rating, elemental resistances, life regeneration or leech mechanics, and reliable crowd control abilities. These elements work together to keep your character alive and mitigate incoming damage.

How can I choose the right skills for a survival build?

When selecting skills for a survival build, it's important to prioritize defensive skills and abilities that complement your chosen defenses. For example, skills that provide damage reduction, life leech, or crowd control can greatly enhance your survivability. Additionally, utility skills like curses or defensive auras can further strengthen your character.

Are there specific passive skill tree paths to follow for a survival build?

While there are no strict rules, the passive skill tree in Path of Exile offers various defensive nodes that can enhance survivability. It's important to allocate points in areas that increase your maximum life, energy shield, resistance, and damage mitigation. Additionally, selecting nodes that boost your chosen defensive mechanics, such as evasion or armor, can be beneficial.

What are some recommended gear choices for a survival build?

Gear choices for a survival build should prioritize defensive stats. Look for items with high life or energy shield bonuses, increased resistances, and defensive affixes like increased evasion or armor. Unique items with specific defensive properties can also be valuable additions to your build.

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