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Path of Exile 2: Everything You Need To Know

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The game Path of Exile 2 has not been released yet, however, it is already generating a lot of expectations among most gamers in the world.

Path of Exile (the first version of the game) was released almost 10 years ago, but it can still be considered the biggest ARPG of the moment!

And what could be the secret of this success? The answer is very simple: the famous action role-playing game keeps renewing itself with new content every 3 months. This keeps a constant that causes players to always come back for more. Now, a Company that is known for creating great content in a short period of time, is coming with a Second PoE that they have been working for over 5 Years. Everyone just knows that Path of Exile 2 is going to be amazing!

At this point, many questions must be racing through your mind, such as "when does path of exile 2 come out? And of course, you probably have already googled something like "path of exile 2 download" or "path of exile 2 classes" and so on.

Today is your lucky day, because we will give you the answers to all the questions above!

What is Path of Exile?

Path of Exile is a completely free online action game that was released by Grinding Gear Games. Today a renowned video game developer in New Zealand, but by that time GGG was just an independent garage company formed by three guys and a dream, the dream of the perfect ARPG following the molds of Diablo 2, their favorite game.

Soon after the beta phase, the game was published for Windows in 2013, and then it was also released in other versions, such as: Xbox one (in August 2017) and PlayStation 4 (in March 2019).

If you don't know the story of the game yet, we will try to summarize the main details for you:

The story is set in Wraeclast, a continent that was destroyed by a devastating apocalyptic event: the Cataclysm. Southeast of the Wraeclast region is the island of Oriath, the only place that was not hit by the infamous event.

You are not the good guy in the story this time, but rather an exile from the island of Oriath struggling to survive. At the beginning of the game, you are on your way to Wraeclast, but your ship sinks and your journey as an exile begins.

The goal of the game is very "simple": get your character strong and stay alive until the end. Therefore, your character needs to be chosen carefully and you need to know good strategies in order to accomplish all the missions.

And of course, be very attentive during the missions. Little by little you will realize that your character is not just a simple exile.

What is Path of Exile 2?

Learn here what is Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 is a sequel to Path of Exile that will be divided into seven acts. The game will be available together with the first campaign and promises new challenges and adventures for the players. It is important to note that this is not a new game, but rather an expansion that has several updates.

It is indisputable that Path of Exile was very successful, right? Well, but over the years, the Grinding Gear Games company realized that there were many improvements that they would like to make. However, these changes could not be made in the first campaign, as they would end up risking the game.

So Grinding Gear Games, better known as GGG, had a brilliant idea to get all the changes done without taking any risk: they created Path of Exile 2. In this way, we can say that Path of Exile 2 was the solution the company created to be able to make all the updates and make the game even better.

In Path of Exile 2, the game begins twenty years after the death of Kitava, the greatest enemy of the first campaign. To overcome the past events, the society tries to slowly get back on its feet, but obviously this will not be so easy.

What is new in Path of Exile 2?

Path of Exile 2 will keep all the expansion content that was created in previous years, so the difference between it and Path of Exile 1 will be in the updates! Check out what's new:


In relation to the graphics, the first change that we can highlight is the issue of improvement in visual quality that occurs not only in the environment, but also in the model of the characters. Thus, you would no longer have problems with blurred graphics or anything like that.

Also, it is important to note that the characters have all been updated in this new version, and the graphics of the armor and weapons have also been completely redone, along with the characters!


It is time to talk about the Path of Exile 2 gameplay! Is the game as difficult as Path of Exile 1? What would be the new features compared to the first version?

Well, those who have played Path of Exile 1 know that this is not a game that anyone can play. In fact, many players could not go to the end, precisely because it is a difficult, challenging and complex game.

In Path of Exile 2, the story probably won't be much different, but it certainly promises new surprises, such as: next-generation graphics, new monsters, new character classes, a new gem system, etc. So, we can conclude that the experience with this game promises to be much better.

Minimum requirements

Now we come to some of the most important information you need to know: path of exile 2 minimum requirements. If you intend to play the game on your PC, it is important that you know that the equipment needs to meet some minimum requirements for the game to run.

However, to the surprise of most fans, we have observed that the minimum requirements to play Path of Exile 2 are much lower, if we compare them to Path of Exile 1. Check out the list we prepared:

- operating system: Windows 7 64.

- processor: Intel Core i3-2115C 2.0GHz/AMD Athlon II X3 455

- memory: 4 GB RAM

- graphics card: AMD Radeon R5 340 (OeM) or NVIDIA GeForce GT 740

- DiectX: version 11 with compatible graphics cards

- storage: 15 GB free hard drive space


Path of Exile 2 will also feature the seven old classes, however, nineteen new ascendencies will be introduced! Therefore, players will be able to choose between them, or they can opt for an old version that will still be available in the first campaign.

In addition, the game also features a new gem system and revamped equipment to further strengthen your characters. In this game, players will also be able to equip their characters with six different abilities.

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Path of Exile 2 release date

If you are anxious about the release date of the game, I bet that "path of exile 2 release" is the most requested search phrase on your cell phone at the moment. Well, unfortunately you won't find that answer right now.

Chris Wilson, one of the leaders of the Grinding Gear Games company, announced in an interview that Path of Exile 2 will be released before 2024. However, we still don't have an exact release date for the game, as the pandemic has delayed the process.

Also, it is important to remember that the Path of Exile 2 beta, the test version of the game, is unlikely to be released in 2022! So stay tuned, as soon as we have new updates regarding this topic, you will be the first to know.


If you have made it this far, I hope you are as eager as we are to play Path of Exile 2. As we can see, this game promises new adventures, new challenges, and is sure to provide a completely new experience for players.

If you haven't played Path of Exile 1 yet, you can still chase it down before the sequel is released.

And of course, as stated before, stay tuned to our website. We will post all updates related to the release date of Path of Exile 2 on Poe Builds.

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