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The Forbidden Sanctum: What Can We Expect?

Updated: Mar 5

To the delight of fans, Grinding Gear Games finally released the Path of Exile 3.20: The Forbidden Sanctum league on December 9th of this year. In addition, the studio has already developed a version for Xbox and Playstation, and a trailer full of details is already running on YouTube.

In Poe 3.20, your resolve will be tested twice as the game promises to be much more thought-provoking and challenging. The title itself provides this spoiler if we stop to analyze it carefully.

And of course, we can't forget about the amazing updates that are included in this new league. We'll talk about them later!

This news will only add to the anxiety of those anxious to check it out. But, before playing the long-awaited game, it's crucial that you are on top of every detail of this new league's news. That way, you will be 100% prepared to face all the challenges that await you.

What is Forbidden Sanctum?